Below you will find resources for printing posters to use at your events, ordering brochures to hand out, and images to share on social media.

Order Literature

Fill out the form below to receive our "Have We Been Lied To?" brochures and/or our "Hidden, Abused, Killed" posters. You can review the brochure here and poster here before ordering.

We would appreciate a small donation to defray the costs of printing and postage, although this is not required. Suggested amounts are $15/100 brochures and $2/poster. Please use the DONATE button above.




You can download the files below, save them and take them to a local printer or chain (like Staples or Kinkos) to have them printed for you.

Share on social media

You can download any of the images below and share on social media. Make sure to use #DayForAnimals and #FastAgainstSlaughter when sharing.